My todays Lesson 16-08-12

I think it will be a pretty good step for me if everyday i could write some english, write what i did today and what i learnt.

Today i red a topic about advanced Apache configuration. Basically the article was based on some htaccess stuffs. How to protect a folder or file, how does apache works, different apache ports like ftp, http, smtp etc.

Besides i got some inspiration from Tareq Hasan, a wordpress developer from Wedevs an australian farm. I learnt about a new guy named HARLEY ALEXANDER the writer of “How to be a rockstar wordpress designer”, who is only 15 years old. I red his interview on Tutsplus. He said that, “Patience is important but your school career is important too. . . . You must be as good to outside of web as you are on web. If you’re not good to outside, you wont be good on web”

Today i watched two movies. Its not general. Normally i watch one movie a day, but today watched one extra. The movies were Jacky chan”s “Operation condor: armor of god” and “Hugo“. Hugo is a fine movie i must say, but if Hugo could act with more reality than it would be a blasted one.. No more today. Good night readers.


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